The American akita is not just a dog, it is the most true and faithful friend! This fluffy happiness will become not just your defender but also the member of the family, the faithful life companion from the very first day.

Yes-yes, exactly akita starred in the movie Hachiko and they are widely discussed around the world. And who has once met this breed — knows how magnificent they are!

The history of the breed

The American akita (same as akita-inu, akita-shiba) comes from Japan and was given the name of the city where it was bred. In ancient times akitas were used hunting and also as the fighting dogs the owners of which were rich and aristocratic people. They are quite multifunctional dogs: you can even go bear, dear, boar hunting, and also akitas were used for chasing fish. In the ХХ c akita became the national property of the country. This breed is so honored among the Japanese that at the birth of a child they gift a statuette of an akita.

The revolution in the akita breeding took part after the Second World War when the Americans took this perfect dog to their continent. Probably they liked the akita so much that they couldn’t not take such a fluffy and unusual puppy with them. America decided to take care after the akita because of its large size which they also strengthened.
Several years passed and on the basis of the Japanese akita dog breed the absolutely new breed was brought out. Its first name was the Big Japanese dog. The akita was not subdivided into species for long but soon after it was divided into two species : the American akita and the akita-inu. The American akitas are more large and massive dogs.

About the breed

The akita dog breed has its particular qualities of the exterior. It is aesthetically perfectly built. It is a large strong-built dog.

  • Head – massive and has an obtuse triangle shape.
  • Ears – lifted up, with rounded ends, not big.
  • Neck – muscular.
  • Breast – developed and might be quite wide.
  • Stomach – sufficiently taut.
  • Tail – massive, fluffy, tightly twisted tail.
  • Limbs – with massive bones and developed musculature.
  • Akitas have double velvet fur: it consists of a tough weather defensive outer layer and a thick soft undercoat.
  • The height of an adult male dog is about 70 sm, female dog – 65 sm.
  • The weight of a male dog – 45-60 kg, female dog – 32-45 kg.щенки акита


The particularity of an American akita is that unlike many other dog species including the akita-inu it has soft fur that may have different color: black, grey, white, red combinations, and also the cow or tiger color. That’s why every puppy is unique and not like the others.

Akita in a family

Despite its impressive size this Japanese dog is very benevolent and loves people. It is a dog-nanny which protects the family and is safe for others. They incredibly get used to the owners and will serve them for the whole life. Akita loves children very much. The dog will go for a walk with a child, follow him and look after. Children may surround the akita from all the sides, pull its ears and tail, and the dog will rest cool, calm and safe.

Where to keep the akita: in the apartment or outside?

фото американской акитыThe American akita will feel comfortable both in a country house and in a city apartment. As it is a mountain breed coming from the Northern Japan it can easily live outside the house and feel no cold. The paw pads are adapted to the long-time stay on snow and the warm thick fur will warm up in frost. If the dog lives in an apartment it is recommended to give access to the balcony where it can stay in fresh air. One thing you should avoid taking care after an akita – don’t leave the dog in the draft with wet fur. Akita is very clean and doesn’t mess up at home. Unlike many dogs akita doesn’t smell and that’s why you won’t have the unpleasant dog smell at home. Moreover, another advantage of the akita is its taciturnity. Akita doesn’t bark without a reason and makes sound very rarely – only when it or its master faces danger.

Care after an akita

It is not difficult to care after the American akita. They are not hunting dogs like beagles that always want to run somewhere. Akita is not hyperactive and is quite a calm dog which doesn’t need long and exhausting jogging. It loves slow and fast walking more than running. Standard everyday walks are enough for it.
Unlike many massive dogs akita can be kept without a muzzle.
Also it needs combing out its fur. When it starts molting, you need to comb it out every day. In other periods – once a week.
The akita should be washed when polluted.

фотография акита

Akita training

Akita is a serious dog and should be trained desirably from the early age – 3-4 months. You should start from individual trainings in order to make the puppy perceive the master as the leader and obey.
If you are not sure you can make it it is better to enroll the puppy in a certain amount of training lessons.

Akita is one of the most clever dogs in the world. Starting from the early age you will understand that the puppy understands you with a half-word and sometimes might be cunning.
While the puppy is small it is prohibited to give it strong physical activity because big dogs must protect joints. It is prohibited to run, jump and climb the stairs a lot. Surprisingly akitas eat not much.

How does akita get along with other animals?

Akita is absolutely not aggressive to people but treats dogs with caution. If you introduce akita to other pets when it is a several months-old puppy it will easily get along with them.

Akita is a friend, akita is a guard!

Akita has perfect hunting skills, that’s why it was often used as a hunter. Besides hunting, the representatives of this breed are perfect guards. They will always defend your house till the end. In case of threat to the master, his family or house, the dog will fearlessly stand up for protection and the impressive size will scare any ill-wisher from the first sight. That’s why such watch dogs are very useful for feeling tranquility about your home.
Besides the first two qualities, the American akita dogs can boast of tolerance and peacefulness. They will absolutely calmly accept the masters` friends that they will often see. That’s why akita is also called the dog-companion.

If an akita appears in your house – you will discovered happiness!

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