Name: No Divas Can You Keep A Secret (nickname — Arty)
Date of birth:11.2017
Sex: female
Coloring: brown and white

Temper: Arty is a very obedient, kind and easy trainable dog. It was brought from one of the best kennels of Germany and has an impeccable bloodline of champions and the best representatives of the American Akita breed.
Arty is kind and very obedient. You can see all the pureness and kindness of the world in its eyes because Arty is their embodiment. Never in its life will it offend neither man nor other dogs, because it has a very mild temper.

If you want an affectionate and the most kind puppy in the world which will one day become a champion, — it is definitely a puppy from Arty.



See the pedigree  here