Welcome to the American akita kennel website «Kievan Rus Akita»!

Dear friend! Welcome to the beautiful world of American akitas! And if you are now on our website – you are already the friend of our kennel.

The «Kievan Rus Akita» (Akita Kievan Rus) kennel is situated in Ukraine, Kievan region, village Rudyky (15 km from Kiev). It is the kennel of the great and known worldwide Ancient Kiev in the Principality of «Kievan Rus» — the real medieval city of the Х century, where everyone can see the architecture of the Middle Ages and feel the spirit of the great Kievan Rus epoch. The kennel creator — Volodymyr Yanchenko (the PhD of the Historical Sciences, the creator of the First Alive museum of historical breeds horses, which contain more than 30 horses, with the 15-year experience of work with animals).

Our motto — «The best for the best»!

That`s why we have created the best akita kennel with the best conditions, the best maintenance and the best dogs — according to the pegigree and training.
All akitas live in comfortable modern dog kennel. That’s why we joyfully invite you and everyone to visit us and become friends with our four-legged friends.

Purebred akitas

Here you will see only purebred dogs with a good bloodline. All the kennel akitas are finely selected and were brought from the different parts of the world in order to bring out the best representatives of such a great breed.

Healthy, well-conditioned and trained!

The kennel akitas are in a permanent everyday care and training. They regularly take part in the dog shows, exhibitions and take prizes. Besides that our akitas have already become champions in different competitions, and the parents of our dogs are the best representatives of American Akita breed and world champions. And such puppies have excellent dog show prospects and great chances to become champions of the highest level. That’s why, if you wish to take part in dog shows, American Akita is perfect for it.
And if you are looking for the kennel with BEST puppies, we recommend you to write or call us!
If you will buy an American Akita, be ready that on the streets everyone will look on your dog and ask what kind of breed your dog is.
Moreover, thanks to the regular visit to the Ancient Kiev in the Principality of «Kievan Rus», the dogs get perfect socialization. You can also come to Ancient Kiev and to become friends with our dogs, who are often guests of this place.

Akita — the friend and the member of the family

These dogs are very fond of people. If you are looking not just for a dog, but a true friend who will be happy to meet you every day at the doorstep, then this is definitely an American Akita!

The American Akita is first of all an excellent companion and a family dog. This is a very sociable dog, a wonderful nanny who cares about children, loves to play with them. You can have dinner with them at the table together! 🙂

This dog has very good character. For example, the American Akita will not raise barking without reason, as it happens with many other breeds. Still she will not run away, disappear, because most of all she likes to be close to the owners and family.

Who watched the film “Hatiko” about real story about Akita dog, knows about the loyalty of this breed to its masters.

I want a dog Akita! 🙂

Eternal problem “Where to buy a dog?” and “I’m looking for a dog for the family” is solved! If you want to buy an American Akita, then please contact with the “Kievan Rus Akita” kennel, because thanks to thoroughbred breeds and thorough training of all dogs, puppies are genetically very docile and loving people. But when deciding which breed of dogs to choose, be careful: you can fall in love with American Akita for the rest of your life and do not change them for anyone else! To order a puppy or learn more about upcoming litters, please call: tel. +38 (044) 461 99 37 (ask administrator on akitas) or write by e-mail.
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